What Is The Concept Of Hajj In Islam

By   16th February 2017

Hajj on site contentWhat is Hajj? Term Hajj in the Arabic language means destination, aim, or purpose. The reason is obvious: Hajj is the ultimate sacred journey of loving submission and conscious surrender to ALLAH Almighty. Its ultimate purpose is your encounter with the House of ALLAH Kaaba or Bait al-ALLAH, with your physical body and, more significantly with your heart (Qalb).

ALLAH has invited you to His House, which ALLAH has called the al-Bait al-‘Atiq, the liberated, ancient, and liberating house. Your sacred journey is one of liberation and freedom. For as your body leaves its material house to sacred journey to ALLAH’S House, your heart is meant to unlock from the lower self (Nafs), the shaitan, and the world (Dunya) and from worldly matters.

The eventual reward for a Hajj Mabrur is to return home with the cleanliness and purity like a newborn child. What could be a superior incentive! But be careful, for Hajj is a selective process. Only a small number of will accomplish a Hajj Mabrur, which is a Hajj performed accurately, without any kind of disobedience to ALLAH and without involving and indulging in any argumentation. Be ready. Be alert. Be focused. This will be one of the sweetest– and greatest – struggles of your life.

May ALLAH allow our bodies to sacred journey to His House; may He allow our hearts to find Him, the Lord of the House. Aameen.

The Most Holy Space

You will be travelling from your earthly house to Makkah, your spiritual and religious home, the most beloved site to ALLAH in all of time and space. There is not any place more sacred and blessed, more virtuous, more beautiful, more exalted than Makkah. The more you admire Makkah, the more you will be ennobled by ALLAH Almighty. We should take the most of care to never think carelessly of our sojourn and vacations in Makkah or live within its limits in negligence or disobedience.

Becoming Pure
Hajj is your chance to become pure. In Tawaaf or circumambulation, you will be mirroring the worship (Ibadat) of the angels, the Malaaikah, and those heavenly creatures that are created of pure light and enveloped in the worship (Ibadah) of ALLAH Almighty. Around the Holy Kaabah, we are in the heavenly dimension. Near the Holy Kaabah are the Hajar-e-Aswad or very well known as black stone, and the Maqam-e-Ibraheem (station of Ibraheem), both are the gems from heaven (Jannah).

We are taught that the Hajar-e-Aswad was darkened by the transgressions and the sins of man. Its heavenly and delightful light is now folded from us. The Hajar-e-Aswad will be rendered into a human being in the afterlife by ALLAH and will witness on behalf of those people who approached it with sincerity and truth. Kissing the Hajar-e-Aswad is the most profound rebirth of your covenant with ALLAH.

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