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Rehman Tours is the authorized tour operator offers cheapest Hajj packages for the people living in London, Manchester, Bristol, Bradford and Birmingham. We always provide our best to UK citizens by keeping their requirements and needs in our mind. We have designed our Hajj package 2017 after doing the detailed research to provide all-inclusive deal. We arrange the most excellent 5 star hotel, international airline tickets, local air-conditioined transport and visa processing; these are among the basic services of our agency that we provide. So what are you waiting for call us and book the most convenient and suitable package for you and perform Hajj this year.

Hajj is a sacred pilgrimage, and obligatory Ibadah upon those who have means to perform it. For many people it is a once in a lifetime journey. Rehman tours understand your needs of attaining the highest levels of spirituality through this pilgrimage and to make it a memorable one. People want to make this journey free from all logistical and travelling constraints and Rehman travels understand their need of not to be troubled by the problems in their holy journey. Hajj has its own spiritual rewards and benefits. According to a Prophetic saying; "The pilgrim who performs hajj without committing any evil will go back free of sin as a new born child". For this very purpose you need to choose Rehman Tours Hajj Package 2017 so as your attentions do not shift away.

Hajj is not only a physical journey but also a spiritual one. But many people are confronted with physical problems during their journey primarily during their stay and visiting the holy places, that they do not get the real taste of spirituality. They are over burdened and hence cannot perform their Hajj the way they were supposed to do. So let us take care of your journey. From accommodation in the nearest hotels to the transportation, food, visas, the Hajj drafts and visit to the sacred places for Ziyarat apart from Hajj, Rehman tours provide you a full comprehensive Hajj package 2017 to make sure that you get the most convenient budget friendly journey. For those who want to make it a life time worth remembering journey they need to facilitate their journey in terms of services provided by the Hajj Package. Some people want luxurious Hajj Packages and some want reasonable Hajj Package. Rehman tours cater the need of both by providing different hotels so that you can accommodate the way you want to. Staying at Jeddah is not a problem anymore, all you need to do is to choose Rehman tour.

After getting a cheapest Hajj package by us and performing the Hajj there are some important thing to be followed.

What After Completing The Hajj Properly?

ALLAH Almighty legislate the acts and deeds of worship and obedience for great wisdom and inspiring objectives. No wonder, as they brace the faith, purify the heart and soul, correct the attitude and purify the morals. If acts of worship did not attain these objectives, then the Muslim will not benefit from them appropriately. In such a case, acts of worship can turn into lifeless rituals that a person performs without any actual pressure on his attitude and reality.

This rule applies to Hajj. When a Muslim performs Hajj properly realizing its feeling, objectives and its meanings, it will be of enormous influence upon him in this life and also in the Hereafter.

Therefore, dear pilgrim, ALLAH Almighty honoured you with the blessing of visiting His House Kaaba and enabled you to perform obligation. Hence, you have to stop and consider your conditions, review the situation of your heart and correct the course of your life.

The first thing we have to realize is the greatness of the blessing that ALLAH Almighty Bestowed upon us when He facilitated our affairs and enabled us to perform this great responsibility. Undoubtedly, this necessitates us to praise ALLAH for this blessing, of which many people are disadvantaged, in spite of their longing for it.

The most significant thing that you must maintain after completing your Hajj is the issue of guarding and steadfastness this great deed (performance of Hajj) against things that might nullify it. Verse 4:69 of Holy Quran

And whoever obeys ALLAH and the Messenger - those will be with the ones upon whom ALLAH has bestowed favour of the prophets, the steadfast affirmers of truth, the martyrs and the righteous. And excellent are those as companions.

Dear pilgrim, keep in mind that the accepted Hajj has signs. The most prominent of these symbols is the continuity of honesty and uprightness and obedience to ALLAH. Additionally, your relationship with ALLAH Almighty must be better than before.
Pilgrims when finish their Hajj, they realize that its most significant objective is to train the Muslim in worshipping ALLAH Almighty alone, to obey with His commandments, avoid prohibitions and follow the Sunnat of His Prophet (PBUH). These objectives are not restricted to a certain time; rather, the Muslim must stick to them as long as he is alive.

Finally, pilgrim, you stood at 'mount Arafah, you shed tears and you showed regret over your previous mistakes and misdeeds. ALLAH Almighty liberated you from Hell, so be careful of regressing to sins after being forgiven by ALLAH.
Be strong-minded to make your Hajj a turning point in your life, reckon yourself and conclude what influence your Hajj had upon your attitude, words, heart, and deeds. Ask ALLAH Almighty by His Names and most beautiful Attributes to Accept your pilgrimage Hajj, Forgive your sins and Reward you for your efforts.

Non Shifting Hajj Packages

Rehman Tours is also the registered and also reservation system linked to all major hotel chains, international airlines, and car hiring companies. Rehman Tours, could envision a borderless world where travelling abroad would become both trouble-free and affordable. And Rehmant Tours became the leading travel agency in UK to offer its customers exclusive non shifing Hajj package tours.

When you make a decision to choose a tour agency or operator, you get nothing less than an expert hand and mind dealing with your shifting or non-shifting journey plans. This would be completely hassling free and a person which would allow you to calm down and focus on the plans you have ahead.