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The first is the dimension of imaan (belief); to believe that ALLAH is one, to believe in the Messengers or Prophets of ALLAH, to believe in the Books, to believe in the farishtay (Angels), to believe that all good and bad destinies is from ALLAH Almighty and to believe in the Last Day Qayamah, the Hereafter, paradise (Jannat) and hell (Jahannam).  These beliefs fall in the area of aqida that comes before the five pillars of Islam, as performing them without imaan (belief) is of no result. The second dimension among the five pillars that encompass a person’s worship.

Looking cautiously at them, a person can see that the shahada, meaning to bear witness, need ‘declaring’ that ALLAH Almighty is only one, not just to believe that ALLAH is one.  Likewise, namaz, zakat and hajj all are external actions. The third dimension encompasses renting, buying and selling, divorce, custody of children, marriage contracts, partnerships conflict resolution, contractual matters referred to as mu’amalat. Then the fourth concerns our interactions with other people on a social level, such as being good and behave good to our relatives and neighbours, maintaining ties of relationship, honouring the old one and being generous to our young, not cursing anybody etc. These are well-known as mu’asharat.

The fifth of these most important dimensions concerns to the development of our internal character that can be referred to in a numeral ways, including tasawwuf, ‘Sufism’, tazkiyah and purification of the soul and heart. This involves removing anger and annoyance from our hearts, or feelings of hatred, dissatisfaction, enmity, with ALLAH Almighty most High about what ALLAH has apportioned for us. Though these characteristics and qualities fall into the very last dimension, each one of them is significant.

The perfect believer

Keeping all of the above dimensions in mind, we should now remember that at whatever time we describe Islam to someone else, we require to describe all of these above dimensions. More significantly, although we may describe and explain much with our tongues, though we do not represent these five dimensions within us and enact them in our daily lives, the words we say will have no impact on others. When we attend the mosque (masjid), make our namaz and fast, we should also abstain from enmity, backbiting, discontentment, jealousy and hatred and we should strive in such things like that we will never try to cheat or fraud someone. We must exercise good character with other people, whether non-Muslims or Muslims, be generous and not waste our time in talking too much. Only then are we working and trying to be the perfect believer. The Prophet (PBUH) used to stand long nights in namaz (prayer) and Prophet (PBUH) was dearly beloved to ALLAH Almighty. is one of the authorized Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Cheapest Umrah Visa from UK

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