What Are The Facts That Show Hajj And Umrah As A Different Pillar Of Islam?

By   4th July 2018

What Are The Facts That Show Hajj And Umrah As A Different Pillar Of Islam

What Are The Facts That Show Hajj And Umrah As A Different Pillar Of Islam?

The world is growing faster toward the religious factors. More than 1.6 billion people are included as an Islamic account, with countless promotes peace, love and religious acceptance. Basically, Islam teaches equality, promotes and morality that intellect spiritual knowledge affairs.

Among the prophetic narration and all lesson that is provided in the Quran (the holy book), many fundamental facts found for enhancing the intellect knowledge that shows the value of Islamic faith.

In these acts, it includes shahada, verbalization, and statement of beliefs in Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) or ALLAH (SWT). Also, Islamic obligation includes the value of fasting in Ramadan; complete 5-time prayers, performing Umrah and Hajj.

The Difference in Physical Toil, Timing, and Intention:

However, Hajj and Umrah are included in the Islamic pilgrim; also both have equal believers regarding genetic, physical and socioeconomic status. The following are some aspects:

  • The Hajj started by the sighting of the moon in a specific date, on the other hand, Umrah doesn’t need any specific date to perform.
  • Umrah is free from any intention like the Hajj obligations have specifically 10 days to perform in the month of Dhul Hajj.
  • In Saudi Arabia, many Umrah pilgrims are founded at any time throughout the world but the case of Hajj pilgrim is totally different.
  • The most obvious difference of Umrah and Hajj is considered through its time, Hajj occurs only once and Umrah performed virtually at any time.
  • Hajj has more step rather than Umrah but intentionally both are same. The act of Hajj need four to five days, however, Umrah needs only two to three hours to perform.
  • Meanwhile, in Umrah, Ihram, Tawaf, drinking ZamZam, paying rakat, cutting hairs, passing between Safa and Marwa Mountain are included. On the other hand, Hajj is the act of a believer, remember the Hajar’s trail, total cleansing and performing the Hajj act according to Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) and our beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Hajj has more value rather than Umrah, because the pilgrims have to stay in tents like a camp, and they are not allowed to stay in building or hotel. On the next morning, all Hajj pilgrims have to travel at the place of Arafat, so they could able to hear the Hajj Khutbah, also offering ASR and Maghrib prayer there. After offering prayers, all pilgrims move toward Muzdalifa, and collect the stones and thrown at the point of jamarat, there were three walls that shows the temptation of shaytans.

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