Why Umrah Procedure Is A Delay Due To Coronavirus?

By   9th July 2020

Hajj is an annual religious event undertaken each year by millions of people. This year pilgrims will not be able to complete the Hajj and Umrah due to coronavirus. The Saudi government has announced that pilgrims will not be allowed to enter the Haram. Irrespective of their nationalities their residence status and type of visa travelers will not be allowed to enter Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah or harsh. Corona is a deadly virus that is spreading all around the world. Due to this deadly virus are not allowed to enter Haram.

Corona Is Changing The Way Muslims Worship:

People are avoiding the crowded places all around the world. People are taking precautionary measures at home workplaces and also at worship places different countries are urging their citizens to change the way of their greeting at different festivals. Religious authorities are also warning their people and advising them on how to pray. This virus originated in China and has killed more than 3000 people. That is why they are taking strict measurements to stop spreading this deadly virus. Different measures are also taken to avoid this virus. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has also banned both for the residents and the citizens.

Pilgrimage Is Banned:

Umrah that can be completed within a few hours has now banned in the kingdom. Different precautionary measures are taken by the sword the authorities to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. The government is also preventing foreigners from entering the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. The Kingdom has also reported many cases of coronavirus.

There Is No Solution:

Before visiting the holy places pilgrims will be required to provide the certificates for their vaccination in their visa applications to perform Umrah and Hajj. There is no vaccine for the coronavirus to get. This is not the only measure that has been taken by the kingdom. In addition to this, the Saudi government has also temporarily closed a grand mosque in Makkah so no pairs can be conducted at those places. Flight and travel ban from different countries have been put in place by the government of Saudi Arabia. Different cultural and sporting events canceled schools at restaurants shut down as preventive measures from stop fine will be imposed on the people who will not what follow the rules.

Saudi Authorities Have Also Close Different Regions:

Saudi authorities have also close different regions after reporting 11 cases of coronavirus. The main cause of infection is thought to stem from the people coming from Iran. The kingdom has now decided to band all travel to and from Iran to stop it has affected the country badly. According to the officials, the new rules include the closure of all the holy places in Saudi Arabia including both holy mosques. Both mount Safa and mount Marwah will also be closed. In addition to this Zamzam, water dispensaries will also be closed off. The health ministry spokesperson told that the kingdom is preparing hospitals to handle the situation due to coronavirus.

Umrah is banned this year due to the Coronavirus. It is not banned for an entire year in fact it is banned for a very short period. As soon as the scientists are able to invent something to cure the Coronavirus or the virus loses its vigor itself the flights and the procedure for Umrah will be started again. This period of 4 to 5 months is a difficult one especially for the Saudi government and for all those Muslims who have applied for performing Umrah. It will take little time to rectify things and to invent systems are procedures that are able to curb the bad effects of this virus. Before banning the entry into the Haram Umrah procedure was delayed due to Coronavirus.

The Infection Is Uncontrollable:

The worst thing about the recent infection is that it is uncontrollable. It will not be a wrong thing to say that it is controllable but to a very small extent. The reason behind it is that the person who is infected can be isolated. The person who has no apparent signs of the disease is also likely to transmit it to the other people. This is the reason why it is the sort of infection that becomes uncontrollable. This has made the government of Saudi Arabia delay the procedures when it was not totally banned. Now the entry is restricted. This infection has also affected the tourism industry all around the world.

Precautionary Measures Can Help:

One thing that can be done for controlling disinfection is to adopt precautionary measures the way they should be adopted. You don’t have to do a lot of arrangements or spend too much money on it. You can just wear masks to keep yourself neat and clean all the time. this is how the infection can be avoided when there is no cure and just because the people who have left their homes for performing Umrah do not know whether they have an infection or not Saudi government was compelled to delay the procedures. Eventually, they banned entry.

Screening Procedures Were Done:

The screening procedure is not the type of procedure that can be performed in a few seconds. It takes time which is why the procedure was delayed when there are a lot of people applied for getting the opportunity to perform Umrah in the screening process that cannot be done rapidly. This is the reason why the entire procedure took too much time. There was equipment related to screening tests installed but the number of people made it really difficult to carry out.

The Government Was Thinking Over It:

The government was thinking over it to make the procedures improved or totally banning the entry. This was another factor that made these procedures delayed. It was a serious problem and the planning for it also took a lot of time. This has made the government delay this procedure initially but as time went by and nothing significant was being done they finally banned the entry into Haram.

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