Umrah the Utmost Desire of Every Muslim

By   23rd December 2015

Umrah is the name of an action which is desired by every Muslim. We always have a dream to go for Umrah and when our dream turns into reality, we lose all words to explain that moment. Our children also know the importance of Umrah because they often listen a lot about Umrah from their parents or elder ones, that’s why children also build a special kind of association with Umrah. Emotions of people who have done Umrah and emotion of those who haven’t done it yet cannot be same because it is always said that when a person comes back from Umrah, his heart cannot find comfort and he eagerly wishes to go back. This is the beauty of Umrah that people want to do it again and again. Visiting the house of Allah for the sake of Allah Almighty is the most amazing thing for any Muslim.

Circumambulating the Ka’bah shows a picture of true love with Allah (SWT). It represents that Allah is one and only He has the right to be worshiped. Ka’bah is important and holy for us because our last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) circumambulated the Ka’bah and anything which is done by our last prophet is always special and called a Sunnah. When a person does tawaf, he basically worships Allah and the purpose behind Umrah is also to please and worship Allah because our last prophet had the same purpose also. A unique courage is found in the house of Allah and so people try to avoid every little sin in the house of Allah and these efforts really look so pretty and Allah blessed them with rewards in the result of their efforts but one thing should be keep in mind that our efforts should be according to the Sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).

Umrah is an action which shows a very beautiful picture of Islam to the whole world. There is no difference in color, cast or anything else. Muslims from all countries get together and equally do tawaf without a minor difference even. When we see people in the house of Allah, no one can tell that there is a group of people who is rich and there is another group of people who is poor, no one can ever find such situation in the house of Allah because everyone is equal there. Rich, poor, black and white all are same and Umrah represents this beauty of Islam to the whole world. When a person finds the beautiful opportunity of doing Umrah , he feels like he found the opportunity of forgiveness. When we ask from pilgrims about their experience of Umrah, they try to find the correct words to explain their feelings and emotions but most of them fail to do so because such emotions can never find the right combination of words. If anybody wants to see the best example of unity then he should must see the pilgrims in the house of Allah while circumambulation. People unite there to please Allah and Umrah is all about pleasing Allah.
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