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People often ask some questions about Umrah specially those people who plan to go to holy land for the first time. They usually want to know the timing of wearing Ihram and the answer is that they can wear Ihram at airport or from their homes. They can wear Ihram at reaching Meeqat also. So they can wear Ihram at the mentioned places. People know the Ihram of men but they want to know the Ihram of women and the answer is that normal casual dress of females is their Ihram. Below are some questions and we have answered those questions for your guidance and help.

  1. When should we do Umrah in Hajj-e-Tamatu?
         Pilgrims have to do Umrah first in Hajj-e-Tamatu.
  1. What should we do after wearing Ihram’?
     Pilgrims have to say Talbiyah after wearing Ihram.
  1. How can men take or wear Ihram?
    Men have to take two pieces of a white cloth and they should pass the cloth beneath their right shoulder and after that they should take the cloth to their left shoulder.
  1. What if we cannot kiss Hajra-e-Aswad’?
    If pilgrims cannot kiss Hajra-e-Aswad then it will be alright to touch Hajra-e-Aswad or if it is also not possible then waving your right hand will be fine.
  1. From where circumambulation should be started’?
    Circumambulation should be started from Hajra-e-Aswad.

These were some common questions but if you want to know about the services of Umrah and Hajj and the cost of doing Hajj and Umrah then team of Rehman Tours is available for you and management has provided you the facility of online contact also. Information related to the performance of Umrah should be gathered from authentic books and we recommend you to re-confirm the answers we have provided you because Muslims should do prefer researching the Islamic things for better and authentic source of knowledge. It is not like that the above answers are wrong but we want you to search from some authentic books also for a better satisfaction because we have not provided you any references.

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