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Financially or Physically Axes of Making Umrah Obligation

Financially or Physically Axes of Making Umrah Obligation

A small pilgrimage is a necessary journey before making the final pilgrimage. It seems essential to prepare yourself, so you never miss a single act. If you are active, this will allow you to anticipate the ritual properly. Prepare in advance will allow you to know the value of all the ritual and you will… Continue reading »

Importance Of Time During Umrah

Umrah can be performed many times in a year that is an obligatory ritual for every Muslim. Muslims perform this sacred duty once in their life that are physically and financially strong. Obviously, it is buoyant to perform Umrah, but it should be performed in a very religious way. The “lesser pilgrimage” has lots of… Continue reading »

Importance of Umrah in Islam

An Umrah is a well renowned holy activity in Islam and it is not limited to any particular region or country. Muslims from all over the world perform an Umrah each year and nobody denies the importance and virtues of this holy activity. None of the Islamic scholars found denying the importance and benefits of… Continue reading »

Why Should You Do Umrah Once In Your Lifetime?

During your travel to Umrah, you will get numerous rewards. Umrah is a Muslim training camp or a spiritual journey toward Allah. The Muslim who goes to the hometown fulfils the blessings of the Islamic world, such as the health of the body and the richness of the goods that Allah has given to him…. Continue reading »

Some New Measures For the Hajj Obligations in This Year

At this time, many pilgrims from around the world will prepare for their spiritual journey to the Holy Land of Makkah and Medina in Saudi Arabia, just for performing their Hajj obligations. The Ministry of Hajj in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia expected that the number of Hajj pilgrims this year will reach 1.355 million… Continue reading »

What Are The Facts That Show Hajj And Umrah As A Different Pillar Of Islam?

What Are The Facts That Show Hajj And Umrah As A Different Pillar Of Islam? The world is growing faster toward the religious factors. More than 1.6 billion people are included as an Islamic account, with countless promotes peace, love and religious acceptance. Basically, Islam teaches equality, promotes and morality that intellect spiritual knowledge affairs…. Continue reading »

Prohibitions of Ihram in Hajj and Umrah

Prohibitions of Ihram in Hajj and Umrah

Umrah is not just a trip but it is sacred trip which is linked with the souls of Muslims and in order to perform minor pilgrimage high spiritual level is needed. Muslims who are going to perform minor pilgrimage must have to know about the prohibitions of Ihram. When a Muslim enters into the sacred… Continue reading »