Safeguards That Should Be Adopted to Get The Maximum Benefits of Umrah

By   31st December 2015

There are thousands of people that go for Umrah every year and so a huge crowd leads to adopt some safeguards. We can see that this huge crowd includes both men and women because both try to circumambulate and kiss Hijra-e-Aswad. During such situation, pilgrims should safeguard their eyesight because eyes deliver the messages to heart and in case you want to protect your heart, protection of eyesight is vital. This is a major safeguard that should be adopted by men and women. After the protection of your eyesight, men should protect their women because if they are your responsibility at home then they are still your responsibility in the house of Allah Almighty. That is why travelling with a mehram is good for women.  We often see that many people go for Umrah without getting the proper knowledge about Umrah. So it is vital for people to get knowledge from a reliable source about Umrah. Helping the old ones in the house of Allah can be very beneficial for you because helping others is always a good deed and we should do this act more in the house of Allah.


Umrah Safeguard

Umrah Safeguard

There is a very common factor that pilgrims do not notice the musical ringtones of their mobile phones. Pilgrims should change their ringtone from musical to any simple ringtone because these little things are very important. Another act came to notice is that people attend their phone calls during tawaf which is not good because we can do these things after the completion of tawaf. So pilgrims should consider it and try to avoid this mistake.

Just make yourself very clear that you went there for the sake of Allah and He knows every single thing about yours, so try to avoid taking pictures because Allah is watching you and He does not need any proof. Pilgrims should try to purify their deeds there. Some people become angry very soon in their daily routine and that’s why they become rude due to any solid reason in the house of Allah because of their habit but they should not do this. Being friendly and keeping yourself calm are two important tools that can bring benefits in your life. Do not waste your precious moments in the house of Allah by getting rude.

Some smokers do not quit smoking in the house of Allah but this act is not good because they should avail the benefits of Umrah instead of spending them in useless activities. If a smoker cannot leave smoking after so many efforts then he should try to do smoking in his room only. We think that these little things do not matter and have no importance but we are wrong because these little things can make us able to get more and more rewards. Pilgrims should try to never refuse a beggar. Try to avoid watching TV in your rooms because you are there to get rewards. So ask forgiveness, read Quran and be humble. These safeguards can bring benefits of Umrah in your life.

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