Quran and Modern Science

By   5th October 2018

Quran and Modern Science

Quran is a holy book of Muslims which was revealed more than 1400 years ago. This book is a miracle on its own. There are so many stunning facts about the Quran which are enough to make the non-believers believe that Allah Almighty is one and the Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.) is the messenger of Allah. Quran is such a terrific book which provides perfect guidance regarding various aspects of life and following the teachings of Holy Quran can make your life in this world and in the world hereafter a lot better and comfortable.

It is very important for every Muslim to not only read this holy book but also, every Muslim should try his or her level best to understand the meaning and message given in various verses of holy Quran because understanding this holy book can provide countless benefits to its reader. The purpose of guidance is not only to get some rules and direction to be followed, but also, it is intended to bring fruitful benefits because if you follow right guidance which is provided in the Holy Quran, you can get countless benefits because you will be thinking in the right way in you will be moving in the right direction if you are living your life as per the teachings of Holy Quran.

Quran and Science

There are a lot of scientific facts which are mentioned in Holy Quran more than 1400 years ago and now the modern science is admitting that the various scientific facts mentioned in holy Quran are accurate and there is not even a single scientific fact which is mentioned in Quran and it is proved to be wrong. Quran talks about earth, moon, stars, and sun and revealed various facts related to them and after a lot of research, science becomes capable of understanding and validating that anything mentioned in Holy Quran related to modern science is true.

There are a lot of people who accepted Islam after reading or listening to the holy book of Quran. A few non-believers who accepted after reading or listening to holy Quran when asked why they accepted Islam and why they became Muslims after reading or listening to a few verses of Holy Quran, they replied that after reading or listening to just a few verses of this terrific book, they immediately convinced that this book is not written by any human and it came from Almighty Allah. Once they are convinced, they immediately accepted Islam without any hesitation because they know that they are doing the right thing. From this fact, you can realize that how powerful lessons are given in this extraordinary book and how beliefs and behaviours can be changed after reading or listening to this book but all this will happen only if it is Almighty Allah’s will. Keep in mind that nothing can happen against the will and permission of Almighty Allah and if God allows something to happen, only then it can happen and if Almighty Allah wants to stop something from happening, then he can do so without any hurdle or issue.

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