Prohibitions of Ihram in Hajj and Umrah

By   5th February 2018


Umrah is not just a trip but it is sacred trip which is linked with the souls of Muslims and in order to perform minor pilgrimage high spiritual level is needed. Muslims who are going to perform minor pilgrimage must have to know about the prohibitions of Ihram. When a Muslim enters into the sacred state of Ihram, he needs to follow all the prohibitions of this sacred state. When a person leaves his or her home for undertaking the sacred journey to Holy city Makkah then pilgrims must have to follow the conditions and prohibitions of Ihram and performing Umrah. This is blessed journey and for many of the Muslims it is the journey of lifetime. This is a sacred trip that reminds pilgrims about the after life and the sins and transgressions we have done in our lives. With this sacred trip Muslim realizes their responsibilities towards others. Performing all the rites and rituals of minor pilgrimage by taking care of the prohibitions of Ihram, a pilgrim can earn great blessings and rewards.

Following are given the prohibition of Ihram that implies on Muslim after wearing clothing of Umrah and pilgrims are advise to follow these prohibition.


* Men pilgrims should have to keep their heads uncovered when they are wearing Ihram, whereas female pilgrims should have to cover their hairs, her hairs must now be showing. Female pilgrims must not cover their face and hands.

* When a pilgrim is in the sacred state of Ihram they are not allowed to cut their nails, shave, cutting hair, use any kind of fragrance and perfume. Male pilgrims must not wear sewn clothes, whereas female pilgrims can put on sewn clothes.

* When pilgrim wears Ihram he or she then not allowed doing marriage.

* In the state of Ihram pilgrims are not allowed to kill any kind of insect animals or insects even it is lice of your body, pilgrims can not hunt or kill any living thing for any cause.

* Makkah is the most sacred city and no one is allowed to pluck flower or cut tree there, so that Pilgrims are prohibited to cut trees.

* Pilgrims are not allowed to make conjugal relations with their spouse. As pilgrims are there for performing Umrah so his main concern and complete focus should be on performing acts of worships and fulfilling the rites of minor pilgrimage. Muslims when there should indulge themselves in doing i.e. zikr, worship, recitation of Holy Quran, perform obligatory and non obligatory namaz and other acts of worship.

* Pilgrims avoid using soap, shampoo, lotion etc containing any kind of fragrance. Scented products must be avoided in the state of Ihram because they can void your Umrah.

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