Prepare Your Hajj 2020 And Get The Blessing Of Allah Almighty

By   31st January 2020

With the start of 2020, the desire of visiting the world of Ihram may arise because the new year comes with a new resolution. Hajj is the spiritual journey and the last pillar of Islam. Those who believe and desire to get the blessing of Jannah, thus they need to book their Hajj journey 2020 through Rehman Tours. 

At Rehman Tours, you will get truly an effective and qualitative Hajj pilgrimage package with all desire accommodations. Keep in mind, Hajj is one of the toughest tasks for Muslims, as it is completed in the hottest season beneath the hot sun. Without anything, we plan your journey, while focusing on the desired requirements of our customers. Well, the Hajj obligation will take toward the lands where the Kaaba and the mosque of the Prophet (PBUH) are founded, without forgetting Mount Arafat and other holy places. Here we discuss some points for Hajj obligation:

  1. A pilgrimage must be physically prepared:

Indeed, the pilgrims are confronted with very high heat, faces the pilgrim crowds and the obligation is entirely fulfilled on foot. In short, a pilgrim must be prepared physically or mentally and for preparing physically, it is essential to have a one-hour daily walk. Focus on physical activities because the pilgrimage journey needs proper attention. 

2. Bring some essential items:

The suitcase packing of males and females is quite different. What to bring and what to not? Bring some essential items like pair of socks, casual dresses, Ihram clothing, portable prayer mat, a small Quran, medications (for headache, stomach, constipation, diarrhea), also bring anti-pollution masks that you can find in pharmacies. For women pilgrim, it is advisable to take abayas because they are more practical for doing ablutions. Before departure, bring ihram for men.

3. Bring some hygiene food items:

It might be possible that you feel hunger while traveling to another place. Bring some hygienic food in a container or wrap it in a paper. One can bring cookies, cereal bars, juice, water bottle, and dry fruits.

4. Bring Saudi’s sim card:

For proper connection, it is better to bring the Saudi’s sim card, so you can easily communicate with your loved ones that lived in Pakistan. On the other hand, if you have a smartphone then you can connect with the internet, all of you need to install some apps like Viber, Line, Whatsapp and so on.


Hajj is one of the toughest obligations in Islam, so you need to prepare yourself before departure. Learn the Hajj rituals or contact with Muslim scholars for getting the details of your journey. Before traveling, you need to connect with Rehman Tours and book your final pilgrimage tour 2020, without any hassle. Keep in mind, you have to submit your initial requirements.

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