Namaz Is An Obligatory Act Of Worship

By   30th October 2017

NamazNamaz is an act of worship and very important pillar of Islam after the proclamation of Shahadah. Namaz is obligatory to perform five times everyday and this ritual enjoined all Muslims with a common faith of Islam. Every Muslim performs namaz every day without any excuse. Muslims performs namaz in an accurate and prescribed way five times throughout the whole day from morning to night, five namaz are:

  • Fajr, performed brfore first sun light rise.
  • Zohr, it is performed when sun passed the middle of the sky.
  • Asr, performed between mid of afternoon and dusk or sunset.
  • Maghrib is performed immediately after sunset.
  • Isha is performed between the time of darkness and midnight.

Each namaz takes 5 to 20 minutes to perform, but its duration can be extended as a person wishes. In order to perform namaz Muslims should have to select neat and hygienic floor and environment, either it is perform alone or together and at home or in masjid, at office or institutions outdoor.

These five times namaz serve as a regular reminder, it reminds Muslims throughout the day to be mindful of ALLAH Almighty in his or her daily routine work stress, family life, and other distractions and luxuries of life. Namaz helps in strengthening the belief of Muslim and keep us reminding every day with the perception and thinking of actual and permanent life which will come after our death and the Day of Resurrection. With the specific and prescribed timings in each day makes us closer to ALLAH Almighty and helps Muslims to be aware and understand the significance of their religious belief, namaz plays vital in every part of Muslim’s life.

Muslims start their day by reciting dua for waking up and then perform wuzu and stand before ALLAH Almighty for performing Fajr namaz. Namaz consists of recitations from the Holy Quran in Arabic language and a chain of different postures and movements including standing, bow down, prostrating, and sitting.  All recitations and movements which is performed during namaz shows submission, modesty, devotion and worship to ALLAH Almighty. Different postures that Muslims follow while namaz performing namaz shows the spirit of submission to ALLAH Almighty. A person will be accountable on the Day of Judgement for namaz, namaz takes a person to reality that he has to appear before his Creator and will be asked of their whole life he spent on earth.

This is how a true Muslim begins and ends their day. In his or her daily, Muslims in order to perform namaz on time dissociate themselves from many worldly issues and engagements. And this is the thing which takes back a Muslim to the actual purpose of life. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK, offers a range of December Umrah Packages from London,UK.


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