It’s Time To Wake Up Your Spiritual Level Through Umrah Obligation

By   3rd March 2020

To present your inner spirituality, you have to connect with Allah. Different sort of worship is the reason for waking up your spiritual soul, like offering five-time prayer regularly, fasting, performing small and final pilgrimage toward Saudi Arabia. If you feel depressed, anxiety or burden in daily routine life then completing the Umrah obligation is like a hundred pieces of advice.

How to travel toward Saudi Arabia and fulfill the Umrah obligation? Simply consider Rehman Tours and book your cheap Umrah package 2020 that comes with pre-plan accommodations. Keep in mind, our customer satisfaction comes first, if they wanted to customize the package then we can go for it.

Points Of Interest During Your Umrah Tour

  • You can visit Jabal al-Noor, which is literally famous as the mountain of light, where the cave of Hira is situated. This is the place, where the Prophet (PBUH) received his first revelations from Allah through the angel Gabriel.
  • You can visit the Quba Mosque, the first mosque to have been built by Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in Medina. According to Islamic tradition, doing two Rakat in the Quba mosque is equivalent to an Umrah.
  • You can visit Al-Baqi which is the cemetery of the inhabitants of Medina since the lifetime of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) until today. The Prophet visited the Baqi al-Gharqad cemetery and asked for forgiveness for the deceased who were buried there.
  • You can visit the esplanade of the battle of Ohud and the martyrs who are buried there and feel the overall situation of battle in which Hamza (the Prophet PBUH uncle), fell martyr as well as seventy other Muslims.
  • You can visit the Masjid al-Qiblatayn which materializes the change of the Qibla introduced by the Quran during its revelation. Allah ordered this change to allow the Prophet (PBUH) to test the faith of his companions.

Travel To Mecca:

  1. When you depart to Mecca for Umrah tour, at Miqat do your niyah and recite the Talbiya.
  2. Transfer in the hotel, after a little rest, go to Haram to do Umrah.
  3. Perform the Umrah obligation such as Tawaf, the prayer behind the Maqam and the Say’e between Safa and Marwah. 
  4. After breakfast, depart for the ziyaratan.
  5. Once you get free time, you can go shopping.

Travel To Medina:

  1. Meeting at the airport for the flight to Medina.
  2. On arrival transfer to your hotel in Medina.
  3. After breakfast, departure for the ziyaratan like the battlefields of Ohod, the Quba Mosque, and many others.
  4. Free stay in Medina supervised by the guide.
  5. Take advantage of this stay to rest and prepare for Umrah.
  6. Once you get free time, you can go shopping.

If you desire to perform Umrah, then Rehman Tours is the best choice. Don’t hesitate to book your Cheap Umrah Package in advance.

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