Financially or Physically Axes of Making Umrah Obligation

By   10th December 2019

A small pilgrimage is a necessary journey before making the final pilgrimage. It seems essential to prepare yourself, so you never miss a single act. If you are active, this will allow you to anticipate the ritual properly. Prepare in advance will allow you to know the value of all the ritual and you will able to maintain yourself thoroughly.

Before you hire an agent service, compare the travel agencies so the chance of getting the right hotel accommodations arises. Also, once you have booked, you will be able to know the various steps to be taken in administrative:

  1. Documents (passport, visa, mahram documents),
  2. Medical (vaccine, medical visit possibly),
  3. Financial (payment staggering, installments)
  4. Prepare yourself Consequently.

Finally, it’s a good idea to be able to take as much information as you can, but also by exchanging with former pilgrims. When you connect with Rehman Tours, you will get the best practical advice because of the well-educated team or we work for many years.

Prepare yourself first before you make pilgrimage journey

The pilgrim must be patient and show good behavior, as the conditions are sometimes difficult. As our beloved prophet (PBUH) said, a true Muslim will love their brother and buy that thing that he wanted to buy for own use. Give sometimes for long distances walking, it can be interesting to prepare physically. The ideal would be a focus on regular walking, alternating flat areas, and leveled areas. To avoid blisters and other foot pains, it is advisable to bring your new shoes or sandals. Here are two sorts of preparation for pilgrimage journey:

  • To prepare materially:

 We should not hesitate to ask a question about what to bring and what to not. Meanwhile, your agent will provide proper guidelines on how to prepare materially. However, we must be equipped with good quality items. It is recommended to take light clothes for the day, and some clothes a little warmer for the night. Likewise, one or two ihrams must be taken with oneself. For the woman, a wide abaya that covers the whole body except for the face and hands. For the ritual part, no clothes sewn for men. Also take two large and two small towels, a sleeping bag, an inflatable pillow and thick sheets, sun cream, an unlocked phone, powdered or tub detergent.

  • To Prepare financially
  1. Preparing financially covers two axes:

Prepare properly: The first is the approximate estimate of your expenses once on the spot, that will keep you away from financial difficulty because of the various purchases which you will have to carry out.

  • The second is to provide several means of payment.
  • Approximate calculation of your expenses: Depending on the number of people in your family going to perform Umrah obligation, your stay based on the number of spending days over there. The number of gifts for your loved ones, your habits in terms of consumption… Summarize a budget to be able to anticipate any lack of money once there.
  • Several means of payment: Nothing beats the diversity of means of payment, not to remain in an uncomfortable situation if a merchant did not accept this or that means of payment, or simply because one of your means of payment does not work.

We recommend that bring some money in cash but not too much, as the chance of money stolen will arises. It is the recommendation to bring electronic money like an ATM card, and exchange money from there. Similarly, it is good to take with you his credit card (Master Card, American Express). You can also take traveler’s checks, preferably in Riyal (so you do not have to pay foreign exchange fees) to make your purchases: they are accepted in most commercial places.

Prepare religiously and sincerely for Umrah obligation:

 Preparing your Umrah pilgrimage spiritually is the most important point of your trip, it is essential to learn about the rites of pilgrimage right now. It does not mean that you read all the books you find, or learn everything by heart. But learn the basics like the different rules concerning the Miqat, the Ihram, the Tawaf, the stay in Mina, the stoning of the “Jamarates”, etc.

Educate yourself by attending classes in mosques, or reading books or listening to lectures or video data on these topics. Inquire with former pilgrims about the most common mistakes; so you’ll be better able to avoid those same mistakes and inshaAllah, you will be able to accomplish your task.

One must be able to perform their Umrah obligation through serenity according to the Sunnah, and hoping that the rituals will be accepted by Allah Almighty. Every year, we see many pilgrims who rely exclusively on the lessons given on-site by the imam and on the guides. But that’s not enough. We see many pilgrims who follow the movement of the group without really knowing what they are doing and why they are doing it.

Study the rituals before you go there, you will live more intensely each step, each adoration and each moment of your Umrah in all serenity. Learn how to accomplish the magnificent journey according to Sunnah. If you performed all the ritual correctly, the more you will increase your chances that it will be accepted by Allah.

Make Umrah through Rehman Tours:

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