Conditions And Prohibition of Umrah

By   3rd February 2017

Umrah long lasting effect

In this article we are going to tell you the basic conditions that are necessary to perform Umrah.


A person must be a Muslim before they are obliged to perform ‘Umrah (once in their lifetime). Therefore, non-Muslims are not required to perform ‘Umrah.


A person must reach the age of puberty (‘Baligh’) before they are required for performing ‘Umrah. If a child performs ‘Umrah before reaching the puberty, though they are rewarded for doing so but still have to go for one, when they reach to puberty (Baligh).


One should be free from slavery or imprisonment to be entitled in order to perform ‘Umrah.

Mental Ability

A person has to be mentally well and fit in order to perform ‘Umrah. Just like one is exempted from Salat if they are deemed mentally incapable.

Financial and Physical Ability

They have to be physically fit and financially able, in order to perform ‘Umrah in their life. Therefore, there is not any kind of need to borrow money or ask for charity in order to go for ‘Umrah [or Hajj].

Mahram (for Ladies)

Umrah is an ‘ibadah (worship), and we commit ourselves to the various ‘ibadah (worship) in total obedience and submission to

ALLAH Almighty, and in the hope that ALLAH Almighty would entitle us for His Forgiveness. As much as we want to secure ALLAH’S Pleasure, we abstain from anything that may invite His wrath. In other words, we do not have to take the risk and commit to forbidden acts just to be able to carry out an allowable ‘ibadah.

If a woman is not capable to go for ‘Umrah because she does not have Mahram, ALLAH Almighty knows her reason and would grant her rewards for that, accordingly. If a woman who fulfils all the conditions for ‘Umrah except for the ‘the Mahram part’, did not go for ‘Umrah.

Prohibition of Performing Umrah

  • Men should keep their heads uncovered at all times, whereas women must keep their heads covered, but not their face and hands.
  • Pilgrim must not shave, cut our hair, clip our nails, use perfume, or wear sewn clothing of any kind (women can wear sewn garments).
  • None of us can do marriage for others or get married ourselves.
  • Pilgrims are not allowed to kill animals or insects etc of any type for any cause.
  • Pilgrims are not allowed, also, to cut trees.
  • No entry into conjugal relations with spouse. We must also avoid suggestive and provocative conversation or gestures and remain focused on the ‘Umrah, i.e., zikr, recitation of Holy Quran, dua and etc.

The Bottom Line:

All of the above requirements (conditions) combined should be available (or fulfilled) before a person becomes liable to performing a one-time ‘Umrah in their lifetime. Hence, once any of the above conditions is not met, a person is exempted from performing the ‘ibadah of ‘Umrah. What are applicable here, are all applicable for Hajj also. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Cheap umrah Packages in UK.

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