Checklist For Umrah

By   20th December 2017

Checklist For Umrah

Are going for Umrah? Have you made checklist of items that you are going to be needed there? If you do not have made yet, no need to worry this article will help you in preparing your checklist. Following are listed some of the necessary items.

  • • Prayer mat (easy to carry) will be very useful for you, if you get place on the hot ground you can place it for performing namaz. Performing Umrah needs physical efforts to survive the heat and it is necessary for you to be mentally prepared. However, try to take a prayer mat in a sling bag.
  • • Authentic books for Suplications (Duaa).
  • • Tasbeeh (for doing Zikr of ALLAH Almighty).
  • • If you have any kind of doubt that you might forget the rounds of tawaaf then it is suggested to bring 7 seeds or something like that so the chances of making mistakes in counting Tawaaf can be avoided.
  • • Bring Religious books, or download app regarding Umrah, which will help in making you aware about all the rites and rituals of Umrah including do’s and don’ts of this sacred minor pilgrimage.
  • • Take at least 2 pairs of ordinary simple slippers, as this happened most commonly that because of the huge throng pilgrims lost heir slippers. Do not blame any one for stealing slippers, but lost of slipper mainly due to the sheer volume of pilgrims moving in and out.
  • • Mobile phones should be kept with long battery backup. This will help you in connecting with your family, friends, and group members. If your battery is not more then buy power bank for your sacred journey.
  • • Take Soap, tooth brush, shampoo etc (your daily needed items).
  • • Check if there is any kind of laundry service available (most tour packages offer this). If you avail that package, you will be saved a lot from the big headache of washing clothes especially Ihram.
  • • Bring small Towels.

For Females:

  • – 5, 6 Hijab (to cover your hairs)
  • – Preferably take shalwar Kameez with full sleeves of lawn or light stuff.
  • – Carry extra duppatas or scarves to wrap yourself.
  • – For Umrah, you should not cover your hands and face. It is prohibited for woman to cover her hand and face.
  • – Bring burqa.
  • – A sling pouch bag that you can carry easily, this will be quite useful to keep your bottle of water, hotel keys, and your slippers etc.
  • – Take small scissors and nail cutter.

For Male:

  • – Take 2 or 3 Ihram, so if one gets dirty you will have another one.
  • – If you have doubt about your Ihram that it will fall done then get yourself a waist belt.
  • – Take casual day clothing for the time when you are not performing Umrah.


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