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Umrah in RamadanThe ALLAH Almighty sent many Messengers and Prophets to steer the deviants and those who were oblivious towards the path of righteousness of Islam; a source of immunity for all people. ALLAH Almighty pardons all the transgressions and past committed sins of an individual accepting religion Islam. Besides this, if a person after embracing religion Islam commits any major or minor sin or indulges in transgression.

ALLAH Almighty gives you many countless opportunities to be pardoned. Hajj and Umrah are two such occasions, by performing these two acts of worship you can please ALLAH Almighty, as after these a person is pardoned for past committed sins. If you want to perform one of these Hajj and Umrah please contact and visit any authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent to avail Cheapest Umrah Packages from London UK.

Umrah can also be said as minor or ‘lesser pilgrimage’, Hajj can only be performed in the moth of Zil-Hajj but Umrah can be performed throughout the year, but there are some special periods or times in which performing Umrah offers more value than the others, such as Holy Ramadan. It is such a time when the blessings and virtues are doubled of performing Umrah, in fact there is a saying of Prophet (PBUH) that performing Umrah in Holy Ramadan is equal to performing Hajj.

Which is the sole reason why Muslims desperately wants to visit Holy Makkah for performing Umrah in order to earn countless blessings and it is dream of many Muslims to spend their Holy Ramadan in the Holy and blessed cities of Makkah and Madina. Although, Makkah and Madina are two cities that are filled with Muslims all around the year, but Zil- Hajj and Holy Ramadan are very special in this regard because of their special place in religion Islam.

Holy Ramadan is one of the most revered and blessed months in the Islamic calendar and it allows Muslims to practice self-restrain, self abstain and asking for the forgiveness of ALLAH Almighty as there is a seventy time greater reward for performing a single action during Holy Ramadan, so the value and importance of Umrah in this month can easily be imagined.

Along with the best spiritual feelings and experience in the most Holy and blessed places on earth, pilgrims experience a sense of love, equality, and brotherhood either the are from any cast, creed, nation or colour they all are Muslim and gathered there to Worship only ALLAH Almighty. Equality can be witnessed when they get to offer Namaz, break the fast (Iftar time) and also when they all perform Taraweeh with brethren who comes from around the world.

This is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding and best experiences that a Muslim can have in his life. Besides the above blessings, the best night (Laila-tul-Qadr) lies in this blessed of Holy Ramadan which is hidden in the last ten days, and it is the Holy Ramadan in which Holy Quran was revealed. is one of the best and well known UK based travels agency offering the range of cheapest and affordable Hajj and Umrah packages including Flights, Tickets, Hotels, Transport and Visa with Cheapest Ramadan Umrah Packages from UK.

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